In November/December 2020, ARTners participated in many strength building classes for business/nonprofit.

Free classes were offered through the City of Sacramento Arts & Culture.  These classes were informative and very helpful.

We were also part of a receiving end of a grant with the Impact Foundry, where we participated in classes and were given one on one assistance to write the ARTners Sustainability Report. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to acquire more strength and knowledge to guide us to build upon our nonprofit. We will be obtaining a membership with the Impact Foundry for access to their offered nonprofit resources. You can find them at

In December 2020/January 2021, we also partnered with the Atrium 916 Sacramento.Shop.  A nonprofit that helps promote Sacramento Artists.  ARTners will advertise and promote Sacramento Artists in conjuction with Atrium 916.  Keep an eye out for our advertisements and please go to their website to support local small business and local Artist.

ARTners has many more collaborating announcements to come, so stay in touch!