(“ARTners Awards” FOR high school senior student artists)




ARTners is a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing and honoring visual art students in the Greater Sacramento Area. ARTners will provide monetary awards to currently enrolled eligible visual art students in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area.




These Artist scholarships are awarded to students who have had or have made a “commitment and connection” to visual arts (traditional, hands-on painting, drawing, or mural production), who are doing well academically and are already preparing to move on to higher learning education.




Starting in Summer 2021, (2) Student recipients will be awarded $500.00 to assist with college transition and to recognize their earned artistic success. An Art Gallery venue showcase will be held to honor the student achievements with their family, friends and supporters.







I. Eligibility Requirements:








  1. Students must be currently enrolled as a full-time High School Senior;








  1. Students must have been actively enrolled in art related classes (performance, music, writing, acting, etc) for a minimum of two years during high school and actively enrolled as a senior in a visual arts class (exceptions fully explained will be considered);








  1. Students must have a minimum academic GPA of 3.0 or higher;








  1. Students must submit two artistic, community and/or athletic reference letters from school faculty, coaches and/or professional mentors.  








  1. Students must currently enrolled in one of the Sacramento Regional School Districts.













II. Application Instructions:








  1. Complete the entire application. (Add “N/A” for areas not applicable)








  1. Write a one-page essay answering two or more of the listed questions below.








  1. Attach standard resolution images, documents and letters – 1 yearbook picture / 6 visual art images / 1* list identifying images (Title, Medium, Size, Purpose) / 1 essay / 2 reference letters / if applicable, any certificates & awards.  (All images and documents must be JPEG. PDF or DOC.)








Essay Questions Choices 1 – 4




FORMAT Essay and Lists; Single Spacing, Arial Font 11 pt., Full name, High School Name (upper right hand corner).








SUGGESTION; Emphasis on answering your questions thoroughly with passion, motivation, reflections, visionary and inspiration.








  1. (Inspirational Art) – Tell us how visual art and/or other art forms have influenced you and who you were inspired by? 








  1. (Experience of Art) – Describe the type of visual art you like to do and why? Tell us about your experience with this type of art. 








  1. (Goals and Hardships) – How have you achieved or maintained your art goals by navigating through many of life’s challenges (ex: family, medical, social, financial, etc.)? During college and after college how may you see your creative art experience as an attribute in your life?








  1. (Community Connection of Art) – Give us your artistic opinion of how visual art is neccesary in our world today and how you plan to become a part of it. Which area would you prefer to see your art shared, public space or private settings and why? 








III. Deadline & Notifications








Applications must be received by March 31, 2021 or until we reach 25 applications. We will not accept applications after the due date or past the listed review amount. 








All applicants will be notified, via email, of scholarship award selection or denial by May 15th, 2021.








Scholarship recipients will be honored at our ARTners Visual Art Awards Ceremony, where our awardees are encouraged to share their personal statement.  Our award ceremony will be filmed and documented.











IV. Selection Process








ARTners Board of Directors and Scholarship Selection Committee (SSC) have complete authority in the selection process and distribution of funds given on behalf of the selected candidates.








  1. Selection Reviewing Factors (beyond the submitted artwork):








  • Representation above the minimum requirements.
  • Answering the essay questions thoroughly. 
  • Answers are relatable to your chosen questions.
  • ☆ Community Service Participation – do you volunteer, tutor, engage in art shows, etc.
  • ☆ Creativity Plus – do you play music, creative writer or act in plays, etc.
  • ☆ Special Circumstances – is overcoming life’s challenges, beyond or in your control, adding to, the shaping of or preventing you from reaching your artistic goals?
  • Submitting all required documents
  • Grammar and spelling of all your submitted documents.
















  1. Completed application (by 5/16/2021)
  2. Yearbook photo of yourself (Class of 21’)
  3. Written essay meeting format request (Answering two questions)
  4. Listing document for artwork submitted (Title, Medium, Size, Purpose)
  5. Two character reference letters about you. 








All applicants will be notified, via email, of scholarship award selection or denial by May 30th, 2021.








Scholarship recipients will be honored at our ARTners Visual Art Awards Ceremony. Where our awardees are encouraged to share their personal statement. Our award ceremony will be filmed and documented.








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Attn: Student Scholarship Program