This is a program offered by the ARTners Nonprofit 501c3.  The program is designed to represent people in all Walks of Life! It is about the things you love in life and what you have endured. It can be as deep as you would like!  These paintings are something that you can be proud of and hang in your living room or give to someone as a gift.

This is how the program works:

  1. A person requests the painting or requests a gift for another person. 
  2. The person requesting the painting will fill out the form below to give us information about their life and the things they love about it.
  3. A person may request the same for another person if they don’t want the painting to be of them.
  4. We will also ask for authorization to use their story, photo, painting on social media, a possible art show and the ARTners website or it can be kept confidential if that is your preference. 
  5. ARTners will ask for a photo of their feet or their feet in their favorite pair of shoes. This is the photo that will be painted with creativity added based on the response to the form.  
  6. ARTners will designate an Artist to paint their photo and expressions of life. 
  7. The ARTist will paint by what the person lists on the form. We will not make edits upon completion. This is a creative expression.
  8. The person will request the size:     12” x 12”, which costs $75 or  24” x 24”, which costs  $125 
  9. The painting will not be framed and may be on canvas or wood.
  10. This is for everyone from any walk of life. 
  11. We are also offering a delivery service for gifts for a $20 fee (local only- 40 mile radius of Sacramento) 
  12. All paintings will come with a certificate of authenticity, a person’s name, the year painted, who it was painted by, etc. 

If you are interested in ordering a painting please contact us at