Sacramento’s (proposed) 400,000 sf Open Air Museum will be located between 20th through 24th streets, four blocks long. ​Visually transforming the structural support columns/piers by various Sacramento Artist painting creative expression murals(25’ high 360°)​.​ ​Beautifying an area utilized for daytime daily parking and occasional weekend vending events. (Upon approval), ​MuralExpressions Program (Projects) ​will begin phase I with the city specific pilot project.  ​California’s/Sacramento’s Art Attraction​!Where attendees can surround themselves in a world of imagery giants of mural appreciation (365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)


2018, Mural Expressions, hosted a 1st of its kind live painting event located in Sacramento South. ARTner with co-event sponsor and benefactor MAHFSA raised enough proceeds for four youth scholarships.  Our festivals (Vol 1 & Vol 2) of mural art were designed to a “Subject Theme” to match our festival titles.

01 – “Un Dia Para La Madre”

(A Day for Mom)

2018, May 19th – May 20th – 16 Murals


02 – “FIESTA de Colores”

(Color Party)

2018, September 15th & 16th –  17 Murals

(“How Sacramento South Can You Be?”)



 LAB (Lit ARTners Box) 

“Artist Appreciation Events”

Enjoy an evening or afternoon watching and interacting with professional visual artists painting a canvases to a selected theme.  These are designed to bring together a group of Sacramento regional professionals in recognition and solidarity with other artists.  As we further activate the patio at Lit Delhi, future ongoings are scheduled for hosting galleries and private event shows.  The co-host of event & owner of Lit Delhi provides “discount event pricing” on some food products during our events.  Don’t be shy, gotta try a Punjabi burrito, Samosas with Chana, etc…

ARTISTS Sign Up Here:  ARTnersCollaborative LAB Events


01 – “My California State Flag”

HELD on August 15th – 14 Artists


02 – “How Sacramento Can You Be”

HELD on Septeber 12th – 11 Artists





Mural Production in Improv Alley

(Alley is located inbetween 7th and 8th / Ist and Jst)


Wide Open Walls 2017′ | ARTners Collaborative 2018′

Improv Alley, Downtown Sacramento, CA

280’x11′ – 17 artists

(Project & Artist Infomation)



( View from 7th to 8th Left to Right )

— Pre Modern Time — [ 100′ slope ]

01 – “The Big Bang”

02 – “Paradise”

03 – “Indigenous Self”

04 – “The Separation”

— The Present Time — [ 140′ flat ]

05 – “ChoIceS”  (H)

06 – “Farm to Fork Power”  (U)

07 – “The People”  (M)

08 – “Togetherness Light”  (A)

09 – “All Cultural Love”  (N)

10 – “World Peace”  (I)

11 – “Homelessness Dreams”  (T)

12 – “Chained to the Present”  (Y)

— Present Future Time — [ 100′ slope ]

13 – “The Mad Apper”

14 – “Digital Draw Control”

15 – “Mars Vegas”

16 – “Heven and Time”

17 – “Our Implosion”

— Trash Bins —

10 to 15 Different Meaningful Words


ARTIST – “HUMANITY” Mural Production

Markos Egure | Teresa Gutierrez | Norman Ayles | Conrad Garcia | Miko Daniels | Aaron McGuire | Emilio Lopez | Grey Matter | Vincent Egure | Suzy Goodwin | Joey Jose | Veronica Perrault | Beatriz Navarro | Mike Santori | Anthony Singleton | Richard Herrera| Joha Harrison | Catour (Resident)



ARTners "A Walk In My Shoes"


This is a program offered by the ARTners Nonprofit 501c3.  The program is designed to represent people in all Walks of Life! It is about the things you love in life and what you have endured. It can be as deep as you would like!  These paintings are something that you can be proud of and hang in your living room or give to someone as a gift.                

 A person requests the painting or requests a gift for another person.         The person requesting the painting fills out the form about their life and the things they love about it. You may request the same for another person if they don’t want the painting to be of them. We will also ask for authorization to use their story, photo, painting on social media, a possible art show and the ARTners website or it can be kept confidential if that is your preference. ARTners will ask for a photo of their feet or their feet in their favorite pair of shoes. This is the photo that will be painted with creativity added based on the response to the form.  ARTners will designate an Artist to paint their photo and expressions of life. The ARTist will paint by what the person lists on the form. We will not make edits upon completion. This is a creative expression. The person will request the size: 12” x 12”, which costs $75 or 24” x 24”, which costs  $125. 

If you are interested in requesting a painting, please contact us at